About Sergio Cabal

Sergio Cabal finished his law degree from Ateneo De Manila College of Law in the Philippines. He was a member of the Philippine Bar and had practiced law for 17 years in the Philippines before migrating to Canada. Sergio took a refresher course at the University of Toronto. In 2005 Sergio articled at a medium sized law firm in Burnaby, BC. In 2006 Sergio was admitted to the Bar in British Columbia. His practice was mostly in the area of Real Estate, Wills & Estate & Probate, Small Claims and Corporate. In late 2008 Sergio decided to practice on his own and established his law office. He is a sole practitioner and deals with the general practice of law including Real Estate, Wills & Estate, Corporate, Small Claims, Business Transactions and limited area of Family Law.
Sergio also has a degree in Business Administration and had been involved in numerous business ventures both in the Philippines and British Columbia.

Our History

  • 1980’s – Law Degree from Ateneo De Manila and Practiced Law in the Philiippines for 17 years before moving to Canada
  • 2005 – Finishes Refresher Course in University of Toronto
  • 2006 – Admitted to the Bar in British Columbia
  • 2007 – Continued Practicing Law in Burnaby
  • 2008 – Started Cabal Law office